Weirdest Celebrity Items Sold On Ebay

Justin Bieber

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You can easily find some weird stuff on eBay. It doesn’t take a sleuth to locate bits of junk, crazy letters, or general concepts and intangibles for sale on the vast online marketplace. But there’s a class of eBay items that tends to be even crazier than usual: Stuff that belonged to celebrities.

It turns out that people will always bid on stuff associated with famous stars, sometimes to a ludicrous degree (or for good cause, depending on the level of crazy). We’re talking about chewing gum, used tissues, breast molds, and toast, some of which sold for thousands of dollars. Onto the crazy!

1. James Blunt’s Sister

James Blunt

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Blunt sold his sister, and her need to reach a funeral, on eBay.

Who would dare to sell James Blunt’s sister back in the mid-2000s? James Blunt himself, of course! The singer – perhaps it’s fair to call him a one-hit wonder by this point – auctioned off his sister and her travel plans on eBay for fun. At least, we think it was for fun…the details are a little murky.

Apparently Blunt admitted to GQ that it was a stupid, silly little prank that he pulled when he was super short on cash and was selling all sorts of things on eBay. The lure of eBay was a little too much to resist. But the eBay post was constructive: Blunt’s sister did need to get to a funeral in short order, and the winning bidder flew her in his helicopter.

2. Tila Tequila’s Breasts

Tila Tequila

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Tequila sold a sparkly red cast of her breasts – for a good cause.

We bet you never thought to hear the name Tila Tequila again, right? But she did have one last big grasp at fame back in 2009, all thanks to the Keep-a-Breast Foundation. Despite the odd name, the foundation is indeed all about breast cancer awareness, which is important cause.

Tequila was glad to help out – so glad that she decided the best thing to auction off would be, well, her breasts. It’s not as grisly or pornographic as you may be thinking – she simply sold a cast of her breasts painted in sparkly red. Apparently someone either really wanted them or felt sorry for her, because they sold for over $100,000.

3. Justin Bieber’s Hair

Justin Bieber

Source: Shutterstock / Debby Wong

Ellen DeGeneres cut and sold a lock of Bieber’s hair for $40,000 to raise money for an animal rescue foundation.

It’s not surprising that Ellen DeGeneres is involved in at least one item on this list – she’s well known for both wacky hijinks and a talent for turning things to charity. In this particular case, the charity was The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue foundation. And the item sold was, yes, Justin Bieber’s hair.

DeGeneres smartly cut off a lock of hair herself on live TV and sealed it inside a clear box destined for eBay. This garnered enough interest that the hair made over 40,000 dollars for those grateful animals.

4. Will Wheaton’s Ping Pong Ball

Will Wheaton

Source: Wikipedia

Wheaton sold Silas the Ping-Pong ball for $1,135.00 bucks.

Wheaton, amongst many other things, is well known for his eBay jokes and irreverent auctions. In one particularly adventurous effort, he posted a random, dented Ping-Pong ball that he had found in his garage and started the bidding at $500. He called it “Silas” and gave it a sad, lonely little backstory, which in hindsight was a smart move.

It was 2012, and social media was lively enough to jump on the tale and spread the news about the auction. Small surprise, then, that Silas ultimately sold for $1,135. Hopefully, he went to a good home where people appreciated his quiet ways.

5. Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum

Britney Spears

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2004 was a great year for selling chewed gum on eBay.

Yep, that’s “chewed” gum. You see, back in 2004 there was a brief and very unexplainable phase where all sorts of people tried to selling chewed-up gum on eBay, claiming that it was Britney’s. We don’t know why. Was it some fetish? Did Spears like to chew gum? Well, the wads sold from around $5 to $100 on average, so someone was willing to buy them.

We aren’t sure that we want to know who, though. One seller even bid against himself to drive the price into the $14,000 range, which pretty much matches our expectations of these people.

6. Hugh Laurie’s House Cane

Hugh Laurie
Source: Shutterstock / DFree

The House star autographed one of his canes, which sold for $8,000 dollars.

Whew, here’s one that makes some sense! House was a beloved show, and Laurie was a beloved (and behated) actor in the show. His cane was a prop that was always with him, so it has some significant meaning for fans.

This all comes together to form a reasonable Voltron of an eBay auction where the TV Academy Foundation sold the cane (well, one of the main canes – there were several). Hey, they could have picked a better foundation, but the cane seems to have sold for more than $8,000 toward the end, so everyone wins.

7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Breath

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Source: Shutterstock / Jaguar PS

A jar of breath from the stars seems to have sold successfully over in England.

Well, straight back into weird stuff. Apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were walking down the red carpet one day – not unusual activity for them. But this time a person waved a jar somewhere near their persons and claimed to have caught their breath.

Yes, the combined breath of the two stars was sold on eBay over in England, and managed to raise several hundred dollars for the person brave enough to try this ploy…if it happened. The primary source for the story is the Daily Mail.

8. Scarlett Johansson’s Tissue

Scarlett Johannsen

Source: Shutterstock / Denis Makarenko

A tissue went from her nose to eBay, where it sold for over $5,000.

DeGeneres wasn’t the only one to tap into the “random celebrity stuff” auctioning phase. Back in 2008 Jay Leno that it would be a good prank to sell Johansson’s dirty tissue. Yes, she used the tissue live on the show, and Leno sealed it away in a plastic bag before posting it on eBay.

Fortunately, this was also for a charity, specifically the USA Harvest Foundation, which makes the $5,000that the tissue raised a bit easier to bear. Another bonus – in addition to snot, the tissue caught some of her lipstick…so, you know, not a total waste.

9. Justin Timberlake’s Toast

Justin Timberlake

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A partly eaten piece of French toast scored $3,000 on eBay thanks to Timberlake.

Back in 2006, when Timberlake was still riding the N-Sync wave for just a bit longer, he went on a radio interview. No big, probably happens all the time, right? But this time he was served a plate of French toast. He ate some of it and left the rest on the plate.

Not to let this clearly golden opportunity go to waste, the DJ apparently sold the toast on eBay. According to the story, a fan paid more than $3,000 for the toast and planned on using it to decorate her bedroom. Where are you today, crazy fan? Was it worth it?

10. Charlie Chaplin’s Film

Charlie Chaplin

Source: Shutterstock / Bokic Bojan

One of Chaplin’s rare films sold without either party realizing it.

Charlie Chaplin produced many films, some of them very rare or impossible to find these days. One of them was called “Charlie Chaplin in Zepped” and is one of the most notorious to locate. Well, someone put the film up for auction on eBay without knowing what it was.

The film was then bought by someone else who had no idea what it was because it came in a pretty, old-timey tin. The price? Around $5. The film itself was worth over $60,000. Interestingly, that film was only about 7 minutes long, a silent movie made in 1917.