Highest Earning eSports Players Of All Time

Highest Earning eSports Players In The Game
Source: usgamer

If you’re like me, you probably play a lot of video games. How many times did your mother tell you to stop playing League of Legends because it’s “not going to amount to anything?” Or your girlfriend asked you to pay attention to her when you were gaming with your squad on Call of Duty?

Well, your mother was wrong, and if your girlfriend wants to live that posh life of luxury, she better let you play. You can earn over $2 million if you put your mind to it like these pro-gamers. The most recent eSports tournament, MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter 2015 had a cash prize of $124,823 for the first place winner.

So who are some of the highest winning players from around the world?

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